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"What draws me to Miller's work is its interplay among materials, its tactile three dimensionality and its ability to make static images dynamic. Colors are subtly bold. Miller makes room for and invites the viewer to participate with the work."

Janet Steinberg, art collector and former San Francisco gallery owner

"COOL. ORIGINAL. FUNKY. I just love looking at Alyson's work on my wall!"  

─ Sandy M, Scottsdale, AZ

"The artwork I purchased from Alyson compliments everything in my house. It makes a big statement in a small space and I love the use of mixed material and unique textures. I especially like that her work allows you to use your imagination to create your own visual imagery."                                                                       

                  ─ E Crowley, Carefree, AZ

"I was drawn to the mandala-like symbol of Alyson's work, representing order, harmony and balance  ─ all qualities I value in life and in my home. Her beautiful southwest colors reinforce the harmony and balance I find in the desert and I love the way she uses mixed media to create a whole."   


─ B and J, Carefree, AZ

"Alyson's piece fits in so well with my decor. The colors are just right and I love the mix of textures. My favorite detail is the addition of beads and copper but I love the knitted yarn feature, too ─ so unique! We've had the piece in our home for several years now and I still enjoy looking at it every day. I have moved it to different location in my home as my decorating has evolved. It looks good everywhere!"

─ Art Collector, Carefree, AZ

Alyson Miller Artist art in master bath
Alyson Miller Artist art in hallway
Alyson Miller Artist basket in living room
Alyson Miller Artist art in guest bath
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